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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

...and the dock was still there

Well, the worst of what had been Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, and the effects here in Freeville were remarkably light.  My new rain gauge measured a grand total of 0.35" of rainfall yesterday and overnight.  The creek has risen a bit, but the water level is still a few inches below the base of the dock, as you can see below.

The creek has risen a couple of inches since yesterday morning, as you can see from the pair of photos below.  Probably the best means of comparison is the small tuft of green towards the left that sits a couple of inches above water level in the top picture but right at water level in the bottom picture.  We're expecting to get some more rain today, but I don't think it will be enough to threaten the dock.

We had some wind with the storm, particularly last night.  It was consistently breezy, with some stronger gusts...but nothing like what folks experienced in the New York and Philadelphia metro areas.  The flag at the post office was flapping pretty steadily, and I could occasionally hear the gusts blowing against the house.  Overall, though, the number and size of branches down was considerably less than during some of the stronger thunderstorms we've experienced since I moved here.  We're supposed to have a little more wind throughout the day today, but like the rainfall, I don't expect any significant problems from it.  I was fortunate to get through the storm unscathed, and I hope, if you were in the path of the storm, you managed to avoid major problems, too.  Here's a look at the downed branches/twigs that I found around the yard (yup, that's it!):


  1. so far so good, and we are grateful! I have seen some horrifying pictures and reports elsewhere.

  2. Yes, we wound up being in an area that experienced some of the lightest winds and rainfall of the storm. My parents, who live just outside of Philadelphia, are without power, but are otherwise okay. Some of those folks in the New York City and Jersey shore areas, though...it will be a long recovery.