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Monday, October 15, 2012

Yard Work 10/14

I was away most of the weekend, but I did manage to get out in the yard for about an hour on Sunday.  Plenty of leaves fell while I was away, so the obvious course of action would be to rake the leaves and either bag them or pile them in the foresty part of my property.  But I had a headache, and raking the leaves has quickly become my least favorite yard activity, so I decided not to follow the obvious course of action.

I still have piles of plants that I pulled out of the ground just sitting in the garden, so I filled a bag with some of those plants.  I had some room left in the bag, so I began to clear out the garden, pulling up some plants/weeds from a random spot along the edge of the garden to fill the rest of the bag.  As seems to be the case every time I pull out plants, I uncovered a surprise.  This time it was a white wood stake that had been left on the ground.  For now, I've moved it to my pile of eyesore - the junk that I've collected from the yard that I'm not sure when/how to get rid of.  (More on the pile of eyesore later this week.)  The stake may be useful, though, so I'm planning to hold onto it.

I'm not very organized about how I go about things right now, I just want to be productive in my time outside.  I still have a large pile of thorny plants to bag and all of those leaves to deal with, but I'll get to that next weekend. An early look at the weather forecast suggests that it may be a showery weekend, but it's still early, so we'll see how things develop as the week goes on.

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