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Monday, October 15, 2012

First Frost

While I was away this weekend, it got cold.  Both the weather station at the Ithaca airport (5.5 miles to the west) and a weather spotter in the small town of Groton (5.5 miles to the north) reported a low temperature of 24 degrees (Fahrenheit) early Saturday morning.  Since I wasn't home to see the damage firsthand, I was curious to see what effects this first hard frost had on the plants in my yard.  After all, most of the flowering wildflowers had already died, and I wondered if there would be any left when I got back.

The results were about what I expected.  The flowering plants in and next to the garden took a brutal hit from the frost, and the flowers are wilted (somewhat visible in the picture above).  There are some purple wildflowers in the yard, though, that still look to be alive.  I'm not sure how they survived such a cold night, but it's good to know that some flowers are still hanging on in my yard.

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