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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meet "Plant"

Meet Plant.  Of course, Plant consists of multiple plants, but since he's always stayed in one pot, I consider him to be one entity.  I've had to re-pot him once or twice over the years as he's grown and his roots have demanded more space.  He's probably due for another re-potting soon.  By now the roots of the separate plants are tangled together so that in a way he functions as as single organism, thriving when I water and feed him and struggling when I forget.

Plant is the closest thing I have to a long-term companion; he's been with me about a decade.  He somehow survived the dust, mold, and who-knows-what-was-in-the-air of the rather decrepit old Haus that I lived in as an undergrad, and he's survived three moves since then.  I always make sure that he's cared for when I go away for an extended period of time, and I do my best to see that he gets the light he needs every day and the water he needs every week or so.

This makes Plant probably the only proof that I have that I can handle building and maintaining a garden.  In some ways, it's a minor miracle that I've kept him alive all these years.  Not the best thing to say about my only long-time companion, eh?  Outside of school and work, I've been terrible at keeping up with long term projects.  Sure, I have hobbies that I take part in frequently, but they're also social outlets, while the garden is something more private and personal.

Or it was, until I started this blog.  Now I've begun to see how many folks out there enjoy tinkering with their yard and caring for their garden.  I'm looking at other blogs to get ideas for my own blog and to see some of the hurdles that I'll have to overcome as I work on my own garden.  I'm sharing my experiences for anyone in the world to see.  And in addition to all of my new outdoor adventures, I have to remember to keeping watering and feeding Plant too!

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  1. Its nice to have a pet Plant, a whole lot easier than having lots of Plants. I hope you get some really great ideas for your garden. Have a great day.