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Friday, October 5, 2012

Last Weekend

I haven't described in much detail what I did in the yard last weekend.  It was the first chance I've had to leave my own footprint on the yard.  I want to clean up the garden, so I started with the brush on the outside fringe of the garden.  It had become overgrown, and I was curious to see what I'd uncover.

The first thing I uncovered was the old entrance to the garden.  There were stones on either side of the entranceway and some small logs to mark a path of entry.  It's something I plan to keep, though I'll probably enhance it a bit with more logs and maybe more decorations.

As I dug in the ground, I unearthed rocks, bugs, worms, a nut (possibly buried by a squirrel), and some string buried by a previous owner.  I dug up the roots of plants to make sure they don't grow back next year.  

I left a few things in place: a couple of shrubs and a couple of flowering plants.  I figure that leaving them there, at least for another few weeks, won't hurt anything and will make it look better than bare soil.

As I uncovered the ground, I began to think about what I'll do with this area in the spring when it's time to plant.  There quite a few rocks in the ground, so it doesn't seem to make sense to put grass in and try to mow around all of those rocks.  I plan to leave the two shrubs in place and add a few more shrubs and flowering plants to make it a welcoming entrance area to the garden.  It should be a nice complement to the garden.  Now that that's been cleared out, I'm itching to get to the garden itself.

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