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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sights Around the Yard January 12

Most of the snow has fallen or melted off of the roof.  The gutters are still choked with ice, so the meltwater is gushing out of them, as above.

Many of the icicles have melted away or fallen off.  The ones on the ground above...well, I knocked them down...

The snow has completely melted away in patches, especially along the side of the house.

There are still a few icicles hanging on.

I found this hole carved out in the backyard.  I wonder if this is the groundhog's home for the winter.

The dock was still covered with quite a bit of ice.  I trudged down there and very carefully cleared most of the ice off.  It was pretty slippery!

No ice on the creek's surface, as you can see!  We're heading for a high of about 47 this afternoon.

The creek is running a bit high with all of the meltwater, plus about 0.1" of rain that fell last night.

A better view of the ice on the dock.

After I cleared the ice off and kicked it into the creek, it floated away downstream.

This bit of ice and debris wasn't going anywhere.

I managed to get the big chunk of ice mostly off the dock, but the water was too shallow to absorb it.  It should melt into the creek over the course of the weekend.

A look back up the dock's stairs...you can see my footprints in the virgin snow.

One of the many deer trails through the yard.

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