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Friday, January 11, 2013


The temperature has been gradually climbing all week, and as a result, the icicles have been melting and snow has been sliding off the roof (making an eerie creaking noise as it does so).  The temperature will peak over the weekend, with a high around 50 tomorrow and well into the 50s on Sunday.  As a result, I'll be able to get out for an extended walk around town and take pictures for the next edition of the Freeville Tour series, which should appear sometime next week.  I also have an appointment to meet with the village's historian on Sunday afternoon, so the Freeville History series will resume next week as well.  I have some more posts lined up, including a couple that have been on the docket since November or so that I've never finished.

For today, I want to point out an article that I found via a friend on Facebook.  On Lake Baikal, Russia, the deepest lake in the world, some locals have discovered a patch of ice that resonates when it is played like a drum.  They've created some "lake drum" music, and this article contains a video of it.  Click over to the article and scroll down to the bottom to see the video.  I hope you enjoy!

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