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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cornell is Gorges

Last week a had a post showing the water flowing from Fall Creek (the creek that flows behind my backyard) into Beebe Lake, a small man-made lake a few miles downstream on the Cornell University campus.  I took a few more shots that day, and here they are.  The above picture was taken from a bridge over the creek looking toward the lake and campus beyond.  The tall building toward the left is Bradfield Hall, home of the Atmospheric Science half of the Earth and Atmospheric Science department (on the top, 11th floor).

The picture above and the pictures that follow were taken from the same bridge, looking back upstream.  Entering Beebe Lake, the creek enters a short, narrow, steep gorge.  With snow and icicles in the winter, it (like all of Ithaca's gorges, and there are quite a few!) looks spectacular.

While I was out taking these photos, I ran into a woman who was out walking her dog.  The dog was named Kepler, after the astronomer Johannes Kepler.

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