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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Forging a Path

As the waters of Fall Creek spill into Beebe Lake, the man-made small lake (or large pond) on the Cornell University campus, they forge a path through the relatively calm waters of the lake.  When the creek is full of water and sediment from a recent heavy rainfall, it's easy to trace the new water as it pushes its way through the old.  Similarly, when the lake is more-or-less ice covered, as it's been for much of this week, the warmer water coming from the creek forges a path through the frozen surface of the lake.

I mentioned yesterday that we're in dire need of a major revolution in how we use energy.  The world around us is crying out for change - look at the arguments over steroids in baseball, over guns in our communities, and over politics and budgets in Congress.  It's time for each of us, in our own way, to recognize the ties that bind, the things that bring us together, and to use these bonds to overcome the challenges that we have shoved aside in recent decades.  Now is the time for us, like those waters spilling into the lake, to forge our own path.

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