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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lots of Water

The creeks have been swollen lately with rain and snowmelt. The above photo is of the top of the waterfall at the west end of Beebe Lake.  The water is overtopping the dam along its whole arcing length, and the falls are roaring.  I took this photo on Wednesday.  After well over an inch of rain across the area on Wednesday night, I'm sure the falls were frothing today.  Much of this water, of course, passed by my dock, following the course of Fall Creek from its headwaters, through Freeville, and on to Beebe Lake.  Below these waterfalls, Fall Creek passes through a deep, narrow gorge (frequented by Cornell students when it's warm out) then tumbles over the Niagara of Ithaca, Ithaca Falls, on its way to Cayuga Lake.  These falls are likely the source of Fall Creek's name...though most creeks in the Ithaca area have waterfalls.  Once the weather makes its inevitable turn toward warmer temperatures and the trails become safe again, I'll begin visiting some of these sites.

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