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Monday, June 24, 2013

Road Construction

It's an exciting week in Freeville - Main Street is being re-paved.  When I moved here last summer, I figured that the road was due for repaving before long, and it's good to see it being done.

Today was the beginning of the beginning of the milling process - stripping off the old asphalt surface.  This will be completed tomorrow, and then I assume that the road bed will be leveled on Wednesday followed by laying the new asphalt surface later this week.  

Above is the machine that does the milling, with tank-like treads and a forward chute that discards the stripped asphalt into a dump truck that slowly leads the way.  Throughout the process, men stand alongside each machine, making sure that the operation stays in sync.  In all, there was plenty of help on hand:

After the road surface is milled, another vehicle comes along to smooth out the stones, and later, I saw a street sweeper smoothing the surface and removing the dirt for the cars that will be using it over the next couple of days (didn't get a picture of it, though).   Can't wait until the road is done!

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