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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Close Encounters of the Animal Kind

After a close-up experience with a young fawn over the weekend in my backyard,  I had another run-in with a young animal today, this one a red-tailed hawk.  As I was walking en route to an errand this afternoon, I hear the unmistakable, screechy call of a young red-tailed hawk.  The call kept getting closer and closer, and finally I spotted a hawk on top of a nearby building (above).  I knew that this wasn't the hawk that I was hearing - it was too far away - but I moved off the sidewalk to get a picture of it with my phone.  In the meantime, someone had come up behind me, and when I turned around, she asked why I hadn't taken a photo of the other hawk.  "What other hawk?"  "The one directly above you."  So, from the building, mom or dad was keeping an eye out for the kiddo, while I was recklessly standing right below it.  I got a quick picture, then moved along, before I was dive-bombed.

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