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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Animals around the yard

There's plenty of life around the yard here in Freeville.  The squirrels (gray) are around all the time, so I rarely think to take pictures of them.  In the photo above, the squirrel had been standing on his hind legs staring at me for a couple of minutes, but by the time I grabbed my camera and took a picture, he was scrambling away.

I've got a permanent resident in my yard.  Unfortunately, Bill the Groundhog doesn't pay rent.  But he does help to keep the plants in the yard trimmed back...whether those are the plants that I want him to trim is another story.  The other day, he saw me standing in the doorway.  Not knowing what to think, he stood there, waiting for me to make a move.  After I shot the above photo, he ran back into one of his many holes.

I see deer in the yard occasionally, most often around dusk.  In the photo below, the doe seems to have caught sight of my in the doorway.

This obviously didn't sit well with her, and she dashed off into the woods.  I managed to get this very blurry shot as she ran away:

And most recently, I spotted a new denizen of Freeville.  He was trotting across the yard, and I thought she might be one of the two cats that live in the garage next door.  But seeing her cross the yard a couple more times, and seeing a younger one follow behind a few minutes later, confirmed that this was my first siting of Freeville's resident fox.  I kept my camera at the ready and managed to get one picture:

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