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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Foggy Dawn in Freeville

Yesterday morning, I was still awake, finishing a video for my newborn nephew, when I looked out the window and spotted a doe in the backyard.  I went over to the patio door to take a picture, but the doe scurried away.

Noticing the mist, I figured it would be a good morning for pictures of the creek, and it certainly was...

As I was on the dock, I heard a weak "eep" coming from above me.  I turned around to see this:

I wonder if this is the same fawn that I saw laying in my wildflowers a week or two ago.  Not wanting to startle the fawn too much, and knowing that the doe might be not far off keeping an eye on the situation, I stayed on the dock to take a downstream photo:

I turned around again and the fawn was out of sight, so I climbed the stairs to head back to the house, and the fawn was still in the yard.  We had a staring contest...like his/her mom, this young deer is very good at them.   I also shot a short video of the fawn, which may make it onto the Tube of You sometime in the future.  I'm sure this won't be our last encounter.

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