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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pulling out some raspberry shoots

Today was a beautiful day in Freeville, so I found some time to get outside and do something productive in the yard. I went back to the wildflower area and removed some raspberry plants, tearing up their crowns and underground runners as I went (see above for a particularly well-established shoot that I unearthed).

What might have seemed to be a perfect patch of wildflowers (above) often had one of these pernicious raspberry plants mixed in somewhere.  The sunlight highlights one of these nicely in the photo below.

This particular crown has been around for a few years, as you can see by the old bent-over canes in the photo below.

An ant's-eye view of the old canes and the new shoot:

After I dug it up with a shovel, here's the underground growth that I was able to extract.  I pulled up a few feet worth of an underground runner, which is looped around the crown area from which new shoots grow.

I didn't spend all that long outside, but I managed to dig up a few raspberry plants, and making a bit of a mess in the process:

But it's good that I got the work done today...we're expecting an inch or two of rain tomorrow into Friday, so I may not get back outside until the weekend.

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