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Friday, June 7, 2013

Goslings Return to the Shore

During my visit to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology last weekend, I stopped by the pond for one last photo opportunity before I headed home, I was glad that I did.  Some goslings were out on an expedition on the pond.  You can see them negotiating a branch in the photo above, and they're clearer in the photo below.

Now, usually, you see the whole family together, like this:

But I like to think that this was the first time that the parents let their kids loose, while the parents waited - maybe a bit impatiently - on the stone beach in front of the visitor center.  I waited while the goslings crossed an island in the pond, and eventually they emerged on the other side and hit the water again, headed for their mother and father.  I shot a video as they glided proudly across the pond and approached the beach.  They weaved their way through some lily pads, then got a bit excited as they hit the home stretch.  But at the last second, they played it cool and took their return to their parents in stride, lest their parents think that their adventure was too much for them.  I had fun putting this video together, and I hope you enjoy it.  Sorry for the shaky camerawork.

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