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Monday, November 12, 2012

Yard Work 11/10-11/11

This weekend, the temperatures rose to unseasonable levels.  A high of 51 degrees on Saturday was followed by near-record temperatures peaking at 68 degrees on Sunday.  I had a busy weekend, but found some time to take advantage of the warmth and get outside.  I cleared the few leaves that were left in the front yard, then mowed for what should be the last time until spring.  I also had some time to rake some leaves in the backyard, but there is still half of the backyard to clear.  That will be a job for today, when I take half a day off with my dad to finish raking for the season.  He has a rather large pickup truck, which will make the task of taking the leaves to the recycling center easier than the multiple trips it would take me with my car.  I'm going to enjoy this weather while I can, because beginning tomorrow, temperatures will be back down into the 40s!

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