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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Color in the Yard

Even though just about all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees, there is still some color in the yard.  The leaves on the shrubs and thorny plants on the side of the yard have only recently changed color.  I wonder if they respond more slowly because they're closer to the ground, making them a bit less exposed to the elements than the branches of a tree.  In any event, they're providing a nice late fall splash of color to what has become an otherwise drab backyard.

As the wildflowers, shrubs, and other plants have begun to thin out throughout the fall, I have a better view into some of the more densely vegetated parts of the yard, and I'm discovering more pieces of eyesore and downed tree trunks that had heretofore been hidden.  It's amazing what perspective can do...the picture below is of the same patch of plants as the picture above.  Because the picture below looks in behind the plants and not against the grain, so to speak, you can see a piece of wood that was apparently just tossed in among the shrubs and thorny plants.  The plants don't seem to mind; they've just grown around it.

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