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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

...Got Me a Hoe...

I am now a proud hoe-owner.  My aunt and uncle were in the area this past weekend, and as regular readers of this blog, they had seen that I don't own a hoe.  So during their visit to see my house and tour the garden, they gave me my very own brand new hoe.  Thanks, Aunt Claire and Uncle Joe!

Now I can do everything you can do with a hoe.  It has a pointy end, which is great for pounding that hoe into the ground, penetrating the soil and mixing it up.  With the hoe, I can even do work in the garden throughout the winter, as the pointy end will be able to break up even somewhat frozen soil.  Not that I'll necessarily want to be out in the garden in the cold weather, but at least now it may be an option. 

I used it this weekend to clear the plants and roots out of the planter boxes in the garden.  Then I cleaned it, because no one likes a dirty hoe.  Come springtime, I can use it to dig a trough to plant seeds in, and then cover them up with soil to let them grow.  My collection of gardening tools is growing, and with it, so is my ability to do things in the garden.

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