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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Lake Effect Snow

In addition to our light snow on Saturday, we had some lake effect snow on Sunday.  Not sure if more snow actually fell or not, but on Sunday the snow stuck to the grass as well as the soil, so there definitely appeared to be more.  The lake effect clouds can be rather thin and still produce some snow.  Notice the sun peeking through in the photo below. 

I just saw a picture from the National Weather Service office in Binghamton showing that the lake effect machine has been in full effect farther to the north.  In the last 24 hours, parts of the Tug Hill plateau north of Syracuse have received up to 15" of snow!  We never get anywhere near that much lake effect around here...we're too far from Lake Ontario, and the Tug Hill enhances the snowfall due to its elevation.

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