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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looking Ahead Week: What Stays, What Goes?

Tuesday's post in Looking Ahead Week gave an overview of some of the plant clean-up that I'll be doing over the coming weeks.  This post looks at the bits of human refuse and junk in the yard that I'll be cleaning up.  There's quite a bit out there, and I haven't come close to inventorying it all.  Scattered throughout the yard are bigger pieces, like cinder blocks, bricks, and logs, that I can easily use in the garden and throughout the yard.  But then there are also smaller pieces of debris and junk, like shards of broken glass and this bottle cap:

In various places across the yard lie large and small pieces of wood:

Near the neighbors' fence is quite a bit of old junk...how much can you see in this photo?

I've begun collecting some of this stuff in what I call my Pile of Eyesore.  Eventually, this stuff will either be used somewhere around the yard or discarded.

Even in the garden, I'm finding things of various usefulness.   Here's a string that I uncovered:

There are, of course, also old pieces of junk that may have been useful back when my house was a railroad cart and wagon repair shop, but now they've outgrown their utility.

Either way, for now, they get thrown on the Pile of Eyesore.

Of course, quite a bit of this stuff is junk that I've only recently discovered, either as the vegetation thinned out with the coming of fall and winter, or as I began to look harder for it.

Either way, early spring is probably the best time to find and move this stuff, before the vegetation gets too thick and after the snow has gone, as temperatures begin to warm.  Later tonight, I'll be looking ahead to later in the spring, when it's time to begin planting, with a peek at some of my thoughts for planting in the wildflower areas.

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