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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Customers at the Birdfeeder

It's been an exciting morning in Freeville.  I got inordinately excited yesterday when a squirrel (above) tried to climb on the birdfeeder.  Finally, something out there had noticed it.

But the awareness of the feeder - which has been hanging in the same spot for two-and-a-half weeks - quickly spread beyond that one squirrel.  I opened my dining room curtains this morning to the spectacle of lots of small birds in the trees, testing out a new food source.

The first customer that I saw was a blue jay, sampling the seed that I had tossed on the ground, then flying up to the feeder and trying to snag some of the seed. He seemed a little too big for the feeder, though.

Other birds were a little more cautious, flitting over to the branch and taking a peek to see what was on offer.

The feeder is far enough away from the window that I had no idea what types of birds - like the goldfinch above - were out there.  It wasn't until I started going through these photos that I realized that there was such a variety!

The feeder makes a better perch for these smaller birds...I hope that they liked the mixed seed and come back for more, because I bought a 50 lb. bag!

These pictures don't really do justice to all of the activity that was going on...lots of chirping...lots of birds taking turns at the feeder, snagging a bite or two, and then quickly returning to the safety of the tree.

With the success of this bird feeder with its generic mixed bird seed today, I decided to move the thistle feeder to the front yard as well.  Now I just hope that I have company out my front window as I eat my breakfast every morning.

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