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Saturday, March 30, 2013


One of the advantages of having a dock is that you can launch boats from it (or bring them in from the creek on it).  In fact, that's about the only advantage of having a dock.  This afternoon, I was out moving some branches in the yard - literally moving them from a small pile on one side of the yard to a bigger pile on the other side of the yard - when I heard voices floating down the creek.  I looked up and saw four fellow Freevilleites (Freevillians?) kayaking down the creek.  They had put in about a half-mile upstream, by the big intersection in town, and rowed for a leisurely 45 minutes down the creek (the creek winds quite a bit, so their traveling distance was probably closer to 2 miles).  I watched them get out of their kayaks - I have to learn how to do these things - and helped haul a kayak up to the post office parking lot.  It was quite the pleasant surprise, and a nice ending to a beautiful afternoon in Freeville.  The man said that he has "a whole garage full of kayaks" and said that I could try out some different sizes before I buy my own.  Maybe next time I'll be out there with them.

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