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Monday, March 18, 2013

Come And Get It: Part 2

As I type this post, the snow is falling, with at least half an inch of fresh dendrites on the ground and somewhere around 4" (or possibly a bit more) on the way.  It's falling fast enough, and the ground is cold enough, that there's a slick coating on the roads.  But I'm safely ensconced in my house for the evening, where I can watch the snow fall.  Before the storm got going, I picked up some nyjer seed and filled the newly-cleaned thistle feeder. Placing it somewhat closer to the birds' habitat than the feeder in the front yard, I hung it from a screw on a tree in the backyard.  I'll be able to keep an eye on it from the living room.  My new birdfeeder filled with conventional mixed seed is still hanging patiently in the front yard, waiting for its first customers.  I'm hoping that with the coming of spring and the warm-up that is sure to follow, the birds will venture a little farther from home and find the food I'm offering them.  Until then, I'll keep waiting.

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