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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shift in Politics of Disaster Aid

Whose responsibility is it to fund the re-building that must happen after a natural disaster?  It either falls on the government or on individuals and charities.  Either way, insurance companies bear some of the burden, but they can't afford to pay for everything, and government pretty much has to step in to some extent...the costs are otherwise too much to bear.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, some politicians are standing up to the status quo.  The way I read the article, Democrats tend to push through massive legislation with massive overspending in response to disasters, and some Republicans are getting tired of this.  Rather than approving the legislation for Sandy relief, they're voting "no" in hopes that they can get a streamlined recovery bill through Congress.  This is my interpretation of the article, anyway.

Give it a read yourself, it's short!

The Politics of Disaster Aid Are Starting to Shift

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