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Friday, February 22, 2013

Last of the Bitter Days this Winter?

 I'm hoping that this week was the end of the worst.  Of winter, that is.  It was pretty frigid from Wednesday into Thursday, with Thursday being the coldest day of the week.  At Cornell's Game Farm Road weather station, the temperature hovered around 15F for most of Thursday morning, after falling from the upper teens overnight - it was 19 at midnight.  The temperature climbed just a little bit on Thursday afternoon, up to 18 degrees.  Meanwhile, we had light snow showers and flurries for much of the day: lake effect snow under breezy winds from the northwest.  In all, we picked up maybe half an inch of very light, fluffy snow.  With the breeze, the wind chill was in the single digits all day.  At the Ithaca airport, it was just a bit warmer, with a temperature climbing into the lower 20s for much of the afternoon.  

Looking ahead to the coming days, we're into a warmer period.  With each hour today, we get a little closer to the freezing mark (or should I say melting mark?)  Today through next week, we're looking at highs in the mid-30s to lower 40s...warm enough for me to maybe visit somewhere outside for the blog.  We have a storm that looks to be passing well to our east over the weekend, though we may see just a little snow from it as well.  And before long, we'll be into March!  The Climate Prediction Center issued a March forecast today expecting above-normal temperatures for the eastern half of the country.  Let's hope that it proves to be true!

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