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Monday, February 4, 2013

New Snowboards

My old snowboard was pretty lightweight, and it either blew away in the strong winds last week or was removed from the yard by someone or something.  In any event, I had to replace it, so I stopped by a local arts and crafts store when I was out running errands on Sunday.  I picked up a three-pack of 14" by 18" canvases.  They're a little heavier and more durable than the old snowboard, so I hope that they'll hold up better.  I can also do a better job of bringing them inside after the snow hits to keep them from being blown around or tampered with.  The advantage of having three snowboards is that I can distribute them around the yard and get a better sampling of the snowfall.  I managed to get one of the boards in place right after I got home, and I measured 1.8" of lake effect snow that fell mostly during the Super Bowl.   Before the next significant snow event, I'll find a couple of strategic spots for the other two snowboards.

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