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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 8-9 Flash Floods: Downtown Ithaca

My next stop on my flash flooding tour, after Freeville then Stewart Park and Ithaca Falls, was Cascadilla gorge.  I went to Treman Triangle Park by the intersection of Linn St. and Court St. in downtown Ithaca to see the extent of the flooding there.  It turns out I wasn't the only one around:

And she appeared to have a companion:

There is a small waterfall just up the gorge trail from the park, and it was raging on this day:

Lots of water:

But don't worry, Mom: I was high and dry, safe and sound.

Here's a little channel that the water was running down along the trail:

A couple of large tree trunks had gotten stuck in the middle of the creek.  Not sure if they were carried there by this storm or a previous one.

Though the first picture in this post had indicated otherwise, the gorge trail was completely closed:

From the gate, I could get my best view of the falls:

Then I went another half mile to mile down the road and took some photos of Six Mile Creek between South Cayuga St. and South Geneva St.  The water was running fast and high, but without a waterfall, it was nothing spectacular.

The Six Mile Creek gorge, maybe a mile upstream, is not accessible by foot from downtown, for good reason.  The channel gets quite narrow.

Parts of the creek bed that are normally dry and covered with plants were run over with floodwaters:

A look from the Cayuga Street bridge looking downstream,  toward the west and Geneva Street:

And from the other side of the bridge, looking upstream in the direction of the gorge.

Storm sewers dumped the rainfall from showers around noon directly into the creek.  By now the rain was letting up; I don't think I even carried an umbrella to take these photos:

And, last but certainly not least, a video compilation of the flooding along Cascadilla and Six Mile Creeks. You can especially see the power of the falls at Cascadilla:


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