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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 8-9 Flash Floods: Buttermilk Falls

After starting my flash flood tour in Freeville, continuing to Stewart Park and Ithaca Falls, and moving on to Downtown Ithaca, I drove just south of the Ithaca city limit to Buttermilk Falls State Park.

A small channel next to the parking lot, like seemingly all small channels in the area, was full of runoff.

Despite the heavy rains, all trails in the park were open, and all camp sites were taken.

First I stopped at a bridge to look at the water running downstream from the falls:

Then I took a few pictures of the falls themselves from the same spot:

Not really the best day to use the swimming hole at the base of the falls.

But the falls themselves were spectacular on this day:

Some storm debris was taking a swim:

No need to mark off the swimming area today:

Yup, the gorge trail was open!

I am simply fascinated by the way that water will carve a channel through any path:

Buttermilk Falls, they say, is named for the milky color and texture of the water as it cascades down the falls.

Because I had two more stops on my tour, I only went about halfway up the falls, where the photo-taking is still good.

A gyre had set up in the swimming hole, and the debris was circulating around it.

For Buttermilk, the water was really roaring (for sound, check out the video below!).

Kids these days....

Don't worry, Mom!  It was safe!

One last look at the base of Buttermilk.

And finally, here's a video compilation from Buttermilk Falls.  Can you tell I'm fascinated by waves and the patterns they make?


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