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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weeding the Flowerbed

I had a busy Saturday. but I got home with enough sunlight left to get outside and clear out the one of the flowerbeds in front of the house.  I've found that some flowers were already planted.  The crocuses have already bloomed. but now they're bent over:

I simply mixed up the soil and removed the weeds, as in this patch:

Here are a few "before" pictures:

And here are a few "after" pictures:

And finally, here's all of the trash and weeds that I managed to remove:

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  1. How many flowerbeds do you have in all? It's good that you started weeding the beds, even one at a time. It's harder to restore the plants when they're already overran by weeds. How do you remove the grass, by the way? Using thick layers of mulch is the method I normally use.