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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photos from the Dock: Direct Sun Edition

I went outside after dinner to take some photos and see how high the creek was after some thunderstorms rolled through last night.  My weather station reported 0.68" of rain.  I timed it right, as the sun was directly across from the dock, in an opening between trees.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the gorgeous weather...a couple of ducks were enjoying a swim.

I wasn't quick enough on the trigger, but a third duck flew in, quacking away, and drove the other two ducks around the bend, farther up the creek...and farther from me.

By the time I finally got around to taking a picture.  (I tried to shoot a video, but by the time it started recording, the ducks had flown away.)  You can see the ripples on the surface of the water that the ducks churned up in their excitement to get away.

The creek had been running low for most of the week - we haven't had much rain lately - but after last night's thunderstorm, it's come up close to the dock again.   In the photo above, you can see the high water mark from earlier this morning, a couple of inches above the water level.

As I said above, the water had come up to within a couple of inches of the dock.

The creek's edge has greened up quite a bit since my last batch of photos from the dock.

The position of the sun made for some really spectacular photos.

Here's a better shot of that high water mark:

Some of my favorite photos are the reflections in the creek:

The sun settled right into the notch between the trees:

With the sun directly across from the dock, my shadow was climbing the steps:

One last shot of the creek:

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