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Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas in Freeville

First of all, apologies for the extended break from posting over the last couple of weeks.  After a long absence, snow has returned to Freeville.  Yes, we had a couple of nights with a dusting of snow earlier in December, but the snow machine didn't start in earnest until the past few days.  We had almost 3" of snow on the ground by the time I headed out of town this past Saturday morning, and there were still a couple of inches on the ground when I returned on Tuesday night.  So, yes, Freeville had a white Christmas this year.  Historically, we have about a 50% chance that there will be snow on the ground for Christmas.  A much larger snowstorm came through last night, with some heavy accumulations at times.  In all, we wound up with 6.3" of new snow in the backyard, bringing the total snow cover up to about 8".  In the photo above, you can probably make out my footprints into the middle of the backyard, where I have a makeshift snowboard set up.  We're looking at potentially another inch or two tonight as some lake effect snow kicks in - this often happens on the back side of big storms - and snow is in the forecast as at least a reasonable possibility for most of the next week.  Such is life in central New York.

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