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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Surprise...More Garden Tools!

You never know who's reading the blog.  I was approached by a friend of mine last weekend who had seen my blog post about needing a hoe and other assorted gardening tools.  He's moving away this summer and was looking for a home for his many gardening items.  Naturally, he asked if I wanted any of it.

It turns out that much of what he had will be useful to me...a couple of hoses, which will help me to reach all the way from the garden to the spigot on the other side of the house, along with a nozzle and a sprinkler...a spade/shovel...a big three-pronged pointy thing that I don't know the name of but that will be useful in clearing the weeds and breaking up their roots...and a bunch of smaller tools like shears and trowels.

The tools have been stored in the shed, and the hoses are put away in the house's workshop to keep any excess water from freezing over the winter.  They'll all be very useful once it gets warm again in the spring.  Oh, and if you're in the Ithaca area and need a hoe, fenceposts, or other gardening stuff, he may be able to offer it.

Thanks Evan!

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